• Volzhanka 700 Cabin
  • Volzhanka 54 LegendFish Pro
  • Volzhanka 54 LegendFish Pro
  • Volzhanka 54 LegendFish Pro
  • Volzhanka 54 LegendFish Pro
  • Volzhanka 54 LegendFish Pro

  • To make great aluminum boats, you need high-quality aluminum. Fortunately, we do not need to go far - Samara Metallurgical Plant JSC "Arconic SMZ" is located in our hometown.

    There are no trifles on the boat - this is well known to the Italians from Osculati S.r.l. All components passes strict quality control. In 2018, the company celebrates its 60th anniversary.

  • Yamaha outboard motors , in addition to the legendary Japanese quality and reliability, with the purchase of Volzhanka complemented by two more advantages - a special price and complectation "ready to launch."

    The importance of a quality and reliable draining system is difficult to overestimate. That's why we give preference to proven manufacturers.

  • Comfort on the boat begins with the seats - often it's sitting you spend in the boat most of the time. The company Springfield has earned worldwide recognition in the production of boat furniture: seats, tables and pedestals for them.

    Italian designers are among the most revered in the world. The creation of the steering wheel for ISOTTA specialists is a real art.

  • The base of a good convertible top is fabric. The Spanish company Recasens, founded in 1886, was able to create a high-tech line of fabrics for use in marine environments.

    Carpet boating professional series FishPro must not only be resistant to moisture and UV light, but also to have a special structure, which does not allow a sharp fish hooks cling to it.

  • A quality steering system is an important part of a safe ship. Ultraflex exists since 1935 and for the past time had time to prove its competence in the matter of production of steering equipment.

    Vinyl coatings have long been used in the marine industry. It washes well, does not slip, slowly heats up and looks good. But only really high-quality materials are durable and wear-resistant.


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