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Aiming to create modern, practical and technically advanced aluminium motor boats, we desire to share with you our love to water and everything connected with it through our products. More than thirty people work on building every boat: designers, engineers, anglesmiths and other people from various fields of work. Among them there is no one who would not like water recreation, for instance, underwater hunting, fishing or water skiing.

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For us everything began in childhood. From very young age everyone familiar with various boats was dreaming of building motor boats. First experiments resulted in models made of tree bark or foam plastic.



 Then there were 'Vikhr' outboards, constant reassembling of the engine, first car`s seats in the boat and the first stereo in the cabin. In those times a huge tool box with all necessary equipment and spare details was carried with you everywhere - everybody was a mechanic on their own. This time gave way to the era of foreing engines. Such a boat could not only overtake 'Rocket' (passanger boat with hydrofoils) but also give it a head start nosing with its guard rail at the hands of the ardent fans. To inhance resistance to flooding the bottom of the boat was filled with foam. One of the first tested engines was Yamaha-75, mounted to 'Kazanka' boat. </br>The company started in 2004. Driven by the passion of its founder for water equipment, a compony providing boat services and debugging soon became a company-producer of boat canopies, covers and tops. The business took off and in addition to canopies and covers the company started to produce covers for snowmobiles, watercrafts and engines. Later we started building trailers for boat transportation. Having gained all necessary experience in mending, debudding and modernizing of boats, the company manufactured its first Volzhanka in 2009, thus changing its status to boat manufacturer. The new boat turned out to be very successful, but we wanted something more comfortable, attractive and spacious. This is when Volzhanka '51 appeared. We forge ahead, producing more modernized and advanced models. Welded aluminium boat of bowrider type. Tests have shown high structural and driving performance of lines and frames. Due to small weight the boat easily reaches planing speed even with low-powered engine. Today we offer your attention aluminium boats more than 20 models in five series. The series Fish are aluminium boats for fishing. The series Classic has conventional package, which has become the classics of boat building for us. Bowriders series - the most  universal boats for fun and for fishing and etc. Cabin boats - for extended navigation. And special fishing sport series - LegendFish. Aluminium boats - is not a random choice. Everything began a long time ago with experiments on soviet 'Progress'. Gradually we realized that we wanted to produce aluminium motor boats ourselves. Motor boat, which would be desired by any passionate lover of water recreation, - that is the objective we set for ourselves.

However, it was not at once that the company began aluminium boat production. Since the moment of our foundation in 2004, we have worked our way up from debugging aluminium boats of other manufacturers to our own production line. Since 2009 anyone can buy motor boats Volzhanka. We embodied all the experience we gained working with boats of leading manufacturers in our first model. We decided not to stop on that. Every year we enlarge the assortment of Volzhanka boats, and there is a boat for any taste: from austere to comfortable motor boats, from boats with minimal package to motor boats with hydraulic booster, independent heating system and fitted carpet. We are not even thinking of stopping on this. We always have new plans and objectives. We have mastered not only production of solid-metal aluminium boats but also integrated (aluminium frame and plastic cockpit) models. New technical solutions, new boats and new results are on the way. We will prove with our hard work that our boats are on a par with foreign equivalents and that our clients will never regret having purchased with us.